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Quotes to Say Thank You

Quotes to Say Thank You:
:) “The only prayer which is enough for our whole life is ‘Thank You’.

:) “The most valuable things in the life are our unselfish actions.”

:) “Never forget the people who once have been helping hand to you.”

:) “If you want to double your happiness, don’t forget to pay gratitude.”

:) “I couldn’t find the bottom in my heart, to say you thanks.”

:) “This world has some light to live by, not due to candles, but due to kind deeds of some people.”

:) “Loan of money can be paid, but to pay the debt of kindness takes life.”

:) “Acts are always worth more than intentions and words.”

:) “The only language which even the deaf can hear is the language of kindness.”

:) “Often in time of needs, we get help from the people on whom we have no claims.”

:) “You will get importance anywhere, if you just be nice.”

:) “To have more blessings from God, make habit of paying gratitude.”